Morning Session: 10:50AM - 12PM

Room & Topic - Morning 
401 - Heather Lozada - Soul Care

402 - Scott Bates - Make Disciples Serving Your Community

403 - Joe Wilson - Discerning God's Will

404 - Kristen Halpin - How to Start, Lead and Grow A Church For Those With Developmental Disabilities

405 - Dan & Kathy Smith - GO!

406 - Adult Panel - Burning Questions: Ask the Experts ft. James Lane, Lee Magness, Chuck Sackett ***Room Recently Changed to 406***

C201 - Cindy Hannon - Wilderness Wanderings

Afternoon Session: 1:50 - 3PM

Room & Topic - Afternoon 
401 - Alex Lozada - From Visions to Voyages

402  - Julie Nevel - Not Alone

403 - James Lane -  Vision That Motivates to Action

404 - Youth Panel - Controversial Issues Affecting Youth Today ft. Keith Canton, Ysrael dela Cruz, Scott Bates

405 - Jerry Halpin - You Can't Make Disciples If No One Is Showing Up

C201 - Lee Magness - ALL About The Great Commission!

C204 - Chuck Sackett - The Power of Loving Strangers



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Soul Care

Speaker: Heather Lozada, Mountain Christian Church

Join me as we explore and experience spiritual disciplines such as breathe prayer, lectio divina, and silence and solitude.

From Visions to Voyages

Speaker: Alex Lozada, Mountain Christian Church

Using Acts 13-19, we’ll discuss some suggestions to move from God’s revealed vision for your church to practical next steps in your voyages to reach the NYC area.

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Make Disciples Serving Your Community

Speaker: Scott Bates, Madison Park Christian Church

The heart of Jesus was serving others. When God’s people serve among the community, Jesus is revealed. When individuals encounter Jesus, lives are changed. Create opportunities for your congregation to serve among your community.

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Discerning God's Will

Speaker: Joe Wilson

So often, people get stalled out in their decision making wondering, "What is

God's will for me?" Does God have a specific will for all the details of my life? What does it mean to live in the will of God? During this workshop we will explore what it means to follow God's will and where Christians should feel more or less constrained by the pursuit of God's will.

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How to Start, Lead and Grow A Church for Those with Developmental Disabilities

Speaker: Kristen Halpin

Come learn how to produce a weekly church service for people with developmental disabilities. We will cover curriculum choices, volunteer recruitment and training, promotion and outreach, service design and creating a welcoming environment for both the caregivers and those the service is designed for.



Speaker: Dan & Kathy Smith, Mid-Atlantic Christian University

The words of the Great Commission are a command to each of us individually and collectively to “Go and make disciples of all nations…” What is your personal response to Matthew 28? What does your GO! Look like?

In this workshop, we will examine how our spiritual giftedness, passions, and experiences are used by God to shape our response to the Great Commission.

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Wilderness Wanderings

Speaker: Cindy Hannon, East Northport Christian Church

We will look into the wanderings of the people of Israel after they were delivered out of slavery, and at the words of Moses to find life lessons to use as we walk our Christian faith out.  What pictures of the gospel can be found through history recorded in Numbers and Deuteronomy? 

Follow this path, seeing Visions Revealed on the pathway to love and forgiveness.  God intends so much more for us than wandering through the wilderness, he intends for us to be walking into a land of abundant living.

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Not Alone

Speaker: Julie Nevel

We see in our theme Scripture that Jesus said He would be with us always. Life has its pain and challenges, and there are times we wonder how we’ll keep going, let alone have some kind of positive impact on those around us. He commissions us with a high calling, yet promises we don’t have to go it alone. His power and presence are with us, and that is all we need.

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Vision That Motivates To Action

Speaker: James Lane

Because of our culture's great hunger for meaning, Jesus' vision for the church in Matthew 28 has given us a tremendous responsibility and opportunity to proclaim and demonstrate the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This workshop will address and explore the ways that we can speak life into the brokenness of society, how to turn "Vision" into "Action" within the geographical context of the local church. We will also explore what shared vision looks like and how a leader's vision can be a catalyst for partnership.

You Can't Make Disciples If No One Is Showing Up

Speaker: Jerry Halpin

Come hear how to create and make it all happen. Everything on a Sunday that makes people want to return next week. From the time they pull into the parking lot till they pull away.


ALL About the Great Commission!

Speaker: Lee Magness
The words of the Great Commission are powerful. But they are even more powerful when we read them in the context in which Jesus originally spoke them. In this workshop we will explore together the meaning of the Commission in its original context, including the 4 “ALLS” of the Great Commission.Then we will discuss how to apply the Commission in our own contexts.

"The Power of Loving Strangers"

Speaker: Chuck Sackett, Madison Park Christian Church

Images of God as host and His people as "lovers of strangers" pervade the Scriptures. In a world characterized by brokenness and alienation, one of the church's most powerful qualities is its practice of loving strangers.


Adult Panel - Burning Questions: Ask the Experts

Speakers: Chuck Sackett, Lee Magness, Scott Bates

The doctrine provided within the Bible can be confusing at times - it is our responsibility to properly interpret the scriptures to live our lives to God's guidance. At this panel, we'll tackle issues provided by the attendees, question-and-answer style; bring topics that you have struggled to understand and join us as we tackle decoding these issues together.

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Youth Panel - Controversial Issues Affecting the Youth Today

Speakers: Scott Bates, Keith Canton, Ysrael dela Cruz

The life of a Christian student in high school and college is growing increasingly more complex, with movements and activism towards social justice, equal rights, and diverse representation. Where does the Bible stand in all this? Who are we to side with, and what roles can take as representatives of Christ in our community? Ask your pressing questions at this panel of pastors and leaders and join us as we define how to be living examples of God's influence in our world.

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