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The Power to More Than Conquer (Romans 1:16). 

Speaker: Kendall Faull, Christ's Church in New Whiteland

Join us as we tap into the teachings of the book of Romans on how to effectively share the gospel with the lost.

Kendall Faull is known for his passionate presentation of the gospel.  He preaches at Christ’s Church in New Whiteland, Indiana and is an instructor at Summit Theological Seminary in Peru, Indiana. He also often speaks all across the country at camps conferences and churches.

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Using Tech Tools as Holy Spirit-Guided Collaborators, Not Conquerors
Speaker: Alex Lozada, Mountain Christian Church
Technology is often misused in modern culture to manipulate and mislead. Let's follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in using tech tools and techniques to be collaborators instead of conquerors in our NYC area churches.

More Soul Care

Speaker: Heather Lozada, Mountain Christian Church

Join me as we continue to explore and experience caring for our souls through spiritual practices like journaling, silence and solitude. In the spirit of Romans 12:1-2, we transform our mind, soul, and body by clearing away obstacles and recovering our true identity as God’s Beloved.


A Reluctant Yet Courageous Hero

Speaker: Norma Lozada, Christ Church at Staten Island

DESCRIPTION Are you stressed, anxious?  Challenged by difficult choices?  Frustrated by obstacles, insecurities, fear, intolerance?  Facing consequences of 'speaking truth to power'? The Book of Esther gives us powerful insights on how to overcome life's challenges.

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